Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another milestone reached today as I ran 2 miles with no planned (or unplanned) walking. I'm still slower than slow, but I did it and feel good. I also did 25 minutes Pilates sculpting w/ the ring and the Beginner program was easy. Next time, I use the Advanced.

I have until Tuesday to lose another 2 lbs to have met my goal-setter in LL. Since I blew it off the first 3 weeks (5 week total), that means I'm eating super clean and really pushing it on the exercise to make goal. I still think I can do it.

While normally I'd be a bit perturbed that I'm losing weight so slowly, let's face it ~ I haven't kept it off the last few years, so any losses were purely superficial. This time I'm incorporating significant and pretty heavy resistance training to build muscle (this MUST help my metabolism!), not cutting my eating back to nothing, and doing cardio without over-doing it. It all feels more relaxed somehow.

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