Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today I woke up early to run before going to work. I knew I'd return home late after the HOA Board meeting and I wanted to be certain I didn't have any excuses to avoid my run. It turned out to be a good thing. My legs didn't feel too tired. They weren't too sore while I was running. I did simple 3/1 repeats and was able to maintain a faster pace due to more frequent walking breaks. I hate doing 3/1's. They feel like failure to me. HUGE, HORRIBLE, CATASTROPHIC FAILURE. (yes, I know I tend to be a bit dramatic at times)

However, compared to overstressing myself and not being able to finish what I start, I'll have to accept that I am not at the level I want to be just yet. That sucks, but it's the truth, and one thing I've learned is that no matter how ugly the truth is, it's still the truth. It doesn't change just because it's not pretty enough.

I head out on a business trip next week. It's to a new place, so I'm excited about that. Also, I have a new camera and I'm anxious to test it. New places are usually good for that sort of thing.

I'm tired now so I'm going to curl up with with chocolate, a good book, and Nicholas and go to sleep. He's already in our bed and asking if he can share my pillow. Between him and Joel, I can't decide who is giving me the biggest puppy dog looks and fussing the most for me to come to bed. It's cute and sweet. I think I'll go now.

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