Monday, July 21, 2008

So I haven't blogged in a while... again. I have been running, minus the business trip to Toronto. It would have been great to run there, and I did take my stuff with a plan to do just that ~ run. Then there were the long hours of work and then the long hours of networking and then the multiple glasses of wine and/or vodka. It just didn't add up to a landscape that said "put on your running shoes & go!"

Actually, it did but I felt obligated [read: weak] to do the social thing with the boss I only see rarely and the team members from other places. The course I attended was great. I can't wait to begin instructing. But I needed to run, and I didn't.

I paid for it on Saturday morning. Trish was unable to join us as she's still in Cali, so Tina asked that I run with the front of the group, while she ensured that we didn't lose any stragglers off the back end. That worked out well as our group is full of different paces and fitness levels. I felt badly because we had one woman who had to get to work fairly quickly and so she needed to run faster than the group was going. If I'd gone with her, the bulk of the group would have been left behind. What I did was keep an eye out for her going on without us and one of the guys ran up with her (safety, and all that). It worked out well. We all finished slowly, but we finished and I felt good in the end.

Only note on aches/pains is that this is the second Saturday in a row that my left Achilles tendon has felt tight and painful (not excruciating, just not good) toward the end of the run. Then it gets worse throughout the day. I avoided much of the "later in the day" pain by first taking the kids and the rottie to the park then returning the rottie to the house and taking the kids to the pool. We hung out there all afternoon and had a blast. I also think the water & stretching worked to relieve some of the pain. Oh yeah, and the ice I put on it. That didn't hurt.

At this point, I'm not worried about it but I am going to keep an eye on how it feels. The goal is to do this stuff without getting hurt. Doing it is not enough ~ it must be that I'm doing it pain-free.

Next event is 8/31/2008 ~ HR10k in Austin ~ woohoo!

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