Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sometimes I wonder how a few select people make it through the day without just keeling over from the sheer magnitude of the combination of ignorance and ego. And then I come home and run and feel a bit better. Thank goodness I have Friday off.

The more I run, the more I realize that running is beginning to provide me with the sense of calm I've needed for a while. I still have a long way to go towards finding peace, seeking joy, and all that kum-bah-yah crap, but I'm enjoying the journey.

Tonight's run felt good; I felt stronger than I have in ages. The reasoning behind it is a mystery to me, but I'm appreciative nonetheless. I'm looking forward to Saturday's run with Tina and the other KatyFit'ers.

Tomorrow I'll try to make it to a mid-day yoga class, but the work may get out of control. I think I should rename "yoga" to "physical therapy". It is, after all, the prescribed route for physio-ing my shoulder injury so it's not entirely untrue. Besides, they have the BEST yummy salads I can bring back for lunch.

The kids had so much fun at Bally's the other night that I'll try and make time to get up there after work with them. I hope to get in some cardio that evening, even if it's just elliptical training or the stair machine. It wouldn't kill me to do some resistance training, but I'm still hesitant about my shoulder. Think I'll stick with yoga for a bit until I know my arm isn't going to go all painful on me again.

I suppose that's it for now. It's time to see if I can convince Nicholas to get back in bed. The kid just doesn't require any sleep. I don't know how he does it!


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