Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Today I was a victim of the iPhone alarm clock bug. Either that or when I turned off the alarm yesterday morning (since I woke up early), I forgot to reset it. Probably the latter....

I had a great workout last night on the spin bike, and an equally challenging UBWO w/ the Cathe DVD "High Reps" yesterday morning. On the agenda for tonight is 45 minutes spinning and 45 minutes swimming. Still LOVING that I insisted we have the pool heated.

Yesterday's coaching call was helpful. In my planning for next week's business trip, there was one key area I overlooked and Coach was able to point it out to me. Thank God. Otherwise I'd have been in "oh shit!" mode and it all could have gone to hell in a heartbeat. I'm feeling moderately confident about the plan; I think I just need a couple of instances of successful execution in order to feel more confident. I don't trust myself yet. How weird is that?

I d/l'd and began Run Like a Mother, the book last night. I'm enjoying the little bit I read so far.

Crazy work day today -- will post more later.


Anonymous said...

You like the book? Is it geared towards a working mother? I've skimmed through it before. Not sure if I should purchase it.

Thank you for your words of encouragement!!

judi ~ said...

According to my Kindle, I'm only 20% through the book, so take my comments with a grain of salt.

I'm enjoying it. It's motivational, and I like their styles of writing. For a completely new runner, I'm sure it's immensely helpful. At only 20% in, I'm not necessarily learning anything new but it's a good read. I intend to finish it and will consider it money well spent for the pure enjoyment I get from reading other "moms" take on running. Plus, they (and the other moms they quote) are WAY more experienced at running than me. I'm sure the "aha!!" moments are soon to come.

Thanks for reading!

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