Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today is a good day. Up early to do Insanity - Core Cardio & Balance - and by early, I mean 4:flippin':30 am.! Healthy breakfast eaten and now I'm working at home. I love the productivity while at home, and I love that I can be here while Nicholas is on winter break. I can't wait for Hunter to get home this week!!

Weight loss is going well. This Elite business is driving me to look deeper into areas of my life that I've avoided for a long time. I'm not complaining... just sayin'. Wow, right?

When I take time off from exercising I forget how much I enjoy exercising with intention. It feels good. It makes me look better. My skin is naturally so pale that I love the glow I get when I start the day with cardio. I've wanted to work on better, more healthy circulation for years .. this ought to do it, right?

Still tracking my nutrition with Leanness Lifestyle. Did Cardio Coach 4 on the spin bike last night. AND watched the Saints whup the dirty birds!! Geaux Saints!!!!

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Julie B said...

Hi Judy, I went through Elite, too. I loved it. Coach Dave is something else. You'll learn more about yourself than you bargained for, but it is great thing! Happy New Year!

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