Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's official ~ this Nike+ thing is addictive. Compared to other similar sites where you can track mileage, it's slow, but they use pretty colors. LOL Yeah, I didn't think that offset the slowness of it all either. BUT, the coaching on the iPod Nano is way cool. As are the challenges, I think. I've signed up for a Beginner 20 miles in August challenge. That's a reasonable place to begin. Also, I signed up for an NFL Challenge ~~ a running challenge where you run for the home team. What a hoot, huh?

Again, Lisa kicked my tail tonight. It wasn't nearly as bad as last night, but we worked upper body pretty hard. I expect my triceps and lats to hurt badly tomorrow.

I must shower & sleep now. But what a nice day it turned out to be! A little bit of sun today, the top down on the way home, lots of hugs & kisses from the munchkins, and a nice workout with friends. Life is good.

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Tom said...

Nothing to boost the training than some fun technology. Enjoy the Nano and tracking features.

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