Monday, February 11, 2008

February is here already. So is my new ring! (historically, over the short course of our marriage, I have gotten new jewelry in February; what's not to like about that??)

I so enjoy this month in case you couldn't tell. The kids are excited about Valentines' Day. Hunter and I finished preparing her project for school this weekend (a special box to store the valentines' stuff) and Nicholas has picked out an adorable Ratatouille card to give to Cindy, along with some yummy chocolates. J and I have a wonderfully romantic evening planned, while the kids are going to be enjoying a carnival at the Club. What a fabulous investment that's turned out to be! Not only is the gym well-equipped, I've still not found much of anything that's better than the wet sauna these days. It's great for the skin, not to mention the waistline.

We had a great weekend, filled with too much shopping as per the norm when J is home. We also spent a wonderful day at the zoo on Sunday. Unfortunately they are working on the cats' exhibit and we didn't get to see the kids' favorites ~ lions & tigers. The weather was so gorgeous that all the other animals were out playing and/or sunning themselves.

I haven't decided yet which was the better purchase, membership to the zoo or the Children's Museum. J was extremely interested in getting both in 2007, and in beginning to do more things as a family. It's all obvious now, but regardless of the motives, it's been a great thing for our family. The kids have enjoyed both immensely and they're always asking to go back. There's not much that's better than knowing you can provide a good foundation for your kids and set a positive example. We are so fortunate that they're both growing up to be good citizens, environmentally conscious, forward-thinking (way too creative for their own good!) and respectful of themselves and others.

Have I said lately that life is good? It most certainly is!

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